Review – Frost/Nixon 

I found my self-watching Frost/Nixon last night and to be honest I was not really in the right frame of mind for a film about a political interview, yet I have always been intrigued by the Watergate scandal and was interested to learn more. The only previous knowledge on the subject was from watching All The Presidents Men (1976).

I was surprised at the documentary style of the film, they would cut to interviews throughout the film and I thought this broke up what was an interesting story. From the outset I don’t think this worked they should have let the story speak for itself without having to cut to the interviews.

The problem is I don’t think there was much of a story to tell. The interviews at the time where obviously a huge historic event but dramatically recreating a Television interview for a film did not work well for me and the struggles of David Frost to get the production off the ground was not delved into deeply enough for it to play any substantial roll in the film.

Where the film was probably most interesting was the off camera relationship between David frost and Richard Nixon during the interviews themselves. This gave us an incite into the man himself Richard Nixon more than the interviews themselves probably have. He certainly did deserved his nickname tricky dickey.

My favorite aspect of the film had to be Frank Langella performance of the ailing Nixon. I have often thought and discussed is imitation of a real life person on screen acting or just that imitation, I’m of the opinion that its probably more difficult to study someone with such detail to get there accent spot on and the mannerisms right than it is to be given a character that you can mould to fit your needs as an actor. At certain points you forget your watching a film and you think your actually watching Richard Nixon himself Frank Langells’s performance was at times immense and mesmerizing.

The films production values, casting was spot on Ron Howard is making a habit of making great movies. This is not his best work by a long way but is still an interesting watch.

Random Fact

Frank Langella who played Nixon Also Played skeletor in Master of the universe movie and he considers it one of his favorite rolls.