The Return of the Superhero


let me start by saying I have never been a comic book fan but I have always had a very keen interest in the films that have resulted from them. starting as a child growing up watching the Tim Burton Batman’s films and watching the spiderman cartoons on tv this was my first encounter with the format and they where two very successful well rounded programmes albeit very different from the dark side of the tim button batman to the kids squeaky clean image of spiderman.

we have had a host of comic book movies over the few years that have dominated the summer blockbusters but it was not always that way. Since the early superman and batman movies there was was a lull when there was not much apart from a handful of unsuccessful low budget or high budget flops so the movie industry got fed up with the comic book heroes and they fell by the wast side that was until in the late 90’s early 00’s there was a new dawn breaking in the comic book movies with CG improving significantly over the latter half of the 90’s and with the first spiderman movie had just been released and at the time had the biggest opening weekend in cinema history . The movies studios took note, the biggest player to benefit from this has been marvel, with the successes of the first Spiderman film there was always going to be a sequel but I don’t think anyone was prepared for the plethora of comic book films over the next decade. Spiderman, rebooted Superman and Batman as well as 300, Iron man, Thor, hulk ,X-Men, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and kick Ass.

Leap forward to last month and to the hotly anticipated Avengers or Avengers Assemble in the United Kingdom. It’s impressive that this film has been even made with Marvel and Paramount have invested a lot of time and effort just think of the logistics involved with the writing, budget and effort and luck that was needed to make this film happen. Starting with the successes of iron man in 2008 this film has been in the planing for the last half decade or more with the success or failed riding on each film in the build up to it, Iron Man and it’s sequel. Thor and Captain America all had to be profitable and successful enough for this film to have a chance of getting made but with the success of the spider man films I don’t think anyone would have doubted them. As of writing The Avengers is sitting fourth in the all time box office standings according to IMDB at just over a billion taken at the box office and it’s still going strong.