We Brought a Zoo

Another film based around true events. This story is based on Dartmoor Zoo in the UK and the Mee family who brought the zoo in 2006 in an attempt to refurbish and reopen it to the public.

Hollywood tends to have a history of taking true stories and twisting them for their own ends, ether to make the film more profitable or create a more interesting or marketable story for the American public. In the case of We Brought a Zoo this seems to be the case. They have changed a few key details such as location switching it to California and not mentioning the fact that originally the zoo was brought not just by Benjamin but one of his brothers their mother whose idea it was to begin with. If you start to change the details of a true story that story tends to suffer for it and you begin to lose its heart and soul.

Thankfully in this case it is still a watchable film but it does seem to suffer slightly the story arcs around the relationship between Benjamin Mee and His son as he struggles to come to terms with being a single father due to the death of his wife as well as the children dealing with the loss of their mother. So he decides to move house and look for somewhere quite in a country setting to start over. He finds the perfect house but with only one problem there is a slight catch it comes with a zoo attached and if he was to buy the property he will become legally responsible to care for the animals.

With a predictable story arc and no outstanding performances along with the tampering with the original story have had its effect on the film. I think there was a much more interesting story to tell here but they went in a different direction. Credit where it is due I have to say the director Cameron Crowe has done a good job still creating a reasonably enjoyable film. Matt Daemon and Scarlett Johanson performance are nothing special but it all comes together and it is quite enjoyable in the end and you are willing them to successes.

Overall I can not forgive the embellishments, changes and misrepresentations of the true story even if they are endorsed by the Mee family themselves I wanted to see the real story and that’s not what we got, although Cameron Crowe has created a heartwarming yet predictable story from this twisted truth. If you can forgive the embellishments or forget them entirely you will enjoy this film much more than I did.


My obsession

From an early age I have always had an interest in films but it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized that this interest had started to turn into an obsession. Many a late night was spend scanning the channels for any film of interest and let me tell you channel 4 had some strange films on at 3 in the morning. When I became older and had access to my first DVD player things got really out of control buying anything and everything I could get my hands on. Since then I have watched from my estimation over 2,500 films. This obsession continues until this day, so I have finally decided to join in the modern world and share my obsession with all the other nutcases on the web, I have never seen the appeal of blogs but what do I know I thought Titanic was bad film and look how well that did.


Lets start with the basics


27 years old

From the United Kingdom currently living in London where I have lived my entire life.

Now that’s out the way lets get on to a more important subject films, movies which ever you like to call them from whatever generation films have had a great influence over a lot of people. This is the story of my life with films. I will try not to bore you with my life story but I want this to be more than just reviews of films or a list of films I have watched. I want to look more in to how moves make us feel. Movies have a great influence over our emotions and I want to share my experience’s with you I hope you enjoy the bog.

I would love to have any feedback you may wish to give you can email me on mylifewatchingfilms@gmail.com