Even though I have never paid much attention to film awards I cant help but getting dragged in to watching some of these films even if I’m not sure about them I have to find out what all the fuss is about.

I never sought this film out until it got so much attention in the recent awards. The trailers where underwhelming and there did not seem to be a very big premise to the film. The reality is I did not think this was worth watching.

Hugo a film about a young boy, who recently through a tragedy has lost his father and became an orphan. He has been sent to live with his alcoholic uncle. Living and working inside the stations walls trying to fix a broken automaton (a mechanical man) he had been given by his father. He has worked hard scrounging and even stealing parts to fix it but needs a special key to operate it. This leads to a chance encounter with Ben Kingsley’s character and his adventure seeking god-daughter. They have a key connection that will lead to the discovery of the automatons secrets.

With Martin Scorsese Directing and a stellar cast this film should be a complete banker but unfortunately I think it has been let down by some weak performances from the supporting actors and the irrelevant side stories with Sacha Baron Cohen’s character not bringing too much to the film although he is still funny I don’t think the role was that well suited to his talents.

The main story including the ending is very heart warming and Chloe Grace Moretz performance was brilliant. That along with the Ben Kingsley who is never a disappointment again plays his role beautifully. I have to remind myself this is a family film so keeping that in mind I can forgive some of the simplistic story telling and enjoy this as the film its meant to be for a family and for that its very good. For me as an adult I could have not done with some of the side elements of the film overall worth a watch especially if you want to sit down and watch with your family this film will have something for everyone.