I have wanted to watch this for a while but the fact that Seth Rogen is in it put me off slightly. His normal crude comic style is at best mildly amusing, childish and unintelligent and at its worst borderline offensive, and I’m no prude. So I eventually managed to put aside my loathing sorry that’s a bit harsh, my disliking of Seth Rogen’s comic and acting abilities due largely to the fact I have read such good things about the film and the that Joseph Gorden-Levitt is becoming a more accomplished actor every time i see him.

This is no exception ether Joseph is at his best coming to terms with the fact that he has just been diagnosed with potentially fatal cancer and yes you guessed it has a 50/50 chance of survival.

The comic elements add light relief to the main story of Joesphs character Adam as he struggles coming to terms with the disease and trying to overcome it and still deal with his relationship with his girlfriend and his controlling and brilliantly played mother by Angelica Hueston. With his mother already dealing with her own problems and the continued breakdown of his relationship with his girlfriend. Adam has to rely on his best friend Kyle played by Seth Rogen to help him through this difficult time.

When the comedy takes a back step there is a heartwarming tale of friendship and the daily fight people around the world go though trying to beat this horrible disease. It’s durning his most difficult times that Adam comes into contact with first time physiatrist Kathrine played by Anna kendrick. With Adam trying to beat the disease as well as realising the fact that he might actually succumb to the disease and die and at the same time Katherine is trying to support him with his horrible situation as well as put into practice what she has learnt during her studies on real life patients. The roller cost of emotions that Adam deals with and the support her and Seth Rogens character Kyle becomes the defining story to the film.

This film deals with a very difficult and personal subject matter but deals with it very well. Some people could be offended by the jokes about death and cancer itself but a lot of people who face these situation react with that sort of attitude, if you can’t laugh what can you do I suppose. The film balances itself between comedy and story telling to the correct degree and shows how important the relationships of the people around you can be and that there is always a place for comedy even in the face of death and disease.

To round off a stand out performance from Joseph Gorden-Levitt almost overcast a shadow over everyone else but Anna kendrick shines through and even Seth Rogen is better than normal being just as vulgar in some places but actually funnier than any of his previous outings. Overall funny in places and very touching in others makes for a great film that plays with your emotions right up until the last scenes.