The Return of the Superhero


let me start by saying I have never been a comic book fan but I have always had a very keen interest in the films that have resulted from them. starting as a child growing up watching the Tim Burton Batman’s films and watching the spiderman cartoons on tv this was my first encounter with the format and they where two very successful well rounded programmes albeit very different from the dark side of the tim button batman to the kids squeaky clean image of spiderman.

we have had a host of comic book movies over the few years that have dominated the summer blockbusters but it was not always that way. Since the early superman and batman movies there was was a lull when there was not much apart from a handful of unsuccessful low budget or high budget flops so the movie industry got fed up with the comic book heroes and they fell by the wast side that was until in the late 90’s early 00’s there was a new dawn breaking in the comic book movies with CG improving significantly over the latter half of the 90’s and with the first spiderman movie had just been released and at the time had the biggest opening weekend in cinema history . The movies studios took note, the biggest player to benefit from this has been marvel, with the successes of the first Spiderman film there was always going to be a sequel but I don’t think anyone was prepared for the plethora of comic book films over the next decade. Spiderman, rebooted Superman and Batman as well as 300, Iron man, Thor, hulk ,X-Men, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and kick Ass.

Leap forward to last month and to the hotly anticipated Avengers or Avengers Assemble in the United Kingdom. It’s impressive that this film has been even made with Marvel and Paramount have invested a lot of time and effort just think of the logistics involved with the writing, budget and effort and luck that was needed to make this film happen. Starting with the successes of iron man in 2008 this film has been in the planing for the last half decade or more with the success or failed riding on each film in the build up to it, Iron Man and it’s sequel. Thor and Captain America all had to be profitable and successful enough for this film to have a chance of getting made but with the success of the spider man films I don’t think anyone would have doubted them. As of writing The Avengers is sitting fourth in the all time box office standings according to IMDB at just over a billion taken at the box office and it’s still going strong.

Quick thoughts on Stand By Me, Hereafter and Faster

 Over the last week I have watched a few films as I have promised this will be a full diary of all the films I watch these are the recent ones I have seen but have not felt the need to do a full review due to them ether being not worth the effort or just due to the fact I don’t have the time to review every film I see in full.

Stand By Me

It had been a long while since I had watched Stand By Me and maybe it was the expectation that came with not having seen the film in so long but it did not seem as good as I remember. Since its release it has moved into Hollywood legend due to the death of River Phoenix. The acting seemed a bit wooden, though the story of the coming of age tale of the young kids is as relevant today as it ever was. Weather its that child actors are getting better and more skilled over the years or just that the film seemed slightly dated. I still very much enjoyed watching it, although I just wish it were as if it was for the first time. Sometimes memories of films can be better than the actual film Itself.

Random Fact

The little fat kid went on to become the only stable a reasonably successful actor out of the lot.


I had not read anything about this film prior to watching it as I read the synopsis on the slip case its not the type of film I would have normally picked but I have an open mind especially when it comes to films, so I gave it a go with Clint Eastwood directing and Matt Daemon staring I was expecting at least a half decent film. What I actually got was one of the most below average films I have seen from Clint in a while, coming of the back of the recent successes this was a bitter disappoint.


Lastly I just finished watching faster with Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock the less I say about this film the better. I got so bored during this dry uninteresting film but no bother it will slip into distant memory with all the other below average films I cant remember.

Random Fact

Dwayne Johnson cannot act

My obsession

From an early age I have always had an interest in films but it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized that this interest had started to turn into an obsession. Many a late night was spend scanning the channels for any film of interest and let me tell you channel 4 had some strange films on at 3 in the morning. When I became older and had access to my first DVD player things got really out of control buying anything and everything I could get my hands on. Since then I have watched from my estimation over 2,500 films. This obsession continues until this day, so I have finally decided to join in the modern world and share my obsession with all the other nutcases on the web, I have never seen the appeal of blogs but what do I know I thought Titanic was bad film and look how well that did.


Lets start with the basics


27 years old

From the United Kingdom currently living in London where I have lived my entire life.

Now that’s out the way lets get on to a more important subject films, movies which ever you like to call them from whatever generation films have had a great influence over a lot of people. This is the story of my life with films. I will try not to bore you with my life story but I want this to be more than just reviews of films or a list of films I have watched. I want to look more in to how moves make us feel. Movies have a great influence over our emotions and I want to share my experience’s with you I hope you enjoy the bog.

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