I have been looking forward to watching this film for a while and although I‘m not a baseball fan I have always enjoyed films based around sport. I have always seen true stories usually make the best films as the characters are easier to relate to and you just can’t make some of these stories up. The real world often troughs up some of the best stories that writers can only dream of creating.

This true to life story is based around Billy Beane who is the general manager of the Oakland A’s team. The team struggling with little money and loosing their best players to the big teams who will pay them substantially more money.

Billy comes across Peter Brand who has a theory that the way Baseball teams are picked and play the game is completely wrong and looks at it in a much more statistical way and he convinces Billy Beane that they can build not just a successful team but a championship winning team out of his very small budget.

I really like the film it has a great balance to it following Billys struggles with being separated from his daughter because of the split from his wife as well as the relationship and struggles between himself along with Peter Brand against the rest of the management of the Oakland A’s who are very old school and don’t trust or believe that Peters new methods will work. Brad Pitt’s performance is average and there is no stand out performance in the film it all just clicks together nicely. A great a feel good film well worth watching.

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