A lot of films to write about as I have watched quite a lot recently and been quite lazy with the blog so hopefully over the next few days I will have a few post on some of the recent films I have watched enjoyed and hated…


First I am going to start off with this comedy based around the preparations for a wedding and the relationships between the bridesmaids focusing mainly on the relation ship between the bride and her best friend and maid of honor played by Kristen Wiig.

I don’t know whether it’s because I am a guy because this film had some really good reviews and all I heard was good things about it.  My girlfriend had been bugging me for month to get a copy of it so I finally got it for her and we sat down to watch it. After 30 min of watching Kristen Wiig’s performance we both looked at each other and wanted to turn it straight off she was both unbelievable in the roll and annoying to go along with it.  The rest of the cast was not any better and can’t believe who ever done the casting for this film got any work after it. The sprinkling of British comic talent was a bit puzzling Matt Lucas’s inclusion was odd to say the least and added nothing to the film. Chris O’Dowd’s role as a British man playing an American police officer baffling and was even brought up in the film itself. All that was mentioned about it was that he did not want to go into it, which most likely means that he can’t do an American accent or that they could not think of any good reason a British guy was playing an American cop.

The only saving grace was Melissa McCarthy. Her performance as Megan a slightly deranged character who was laugh out loud funny in every scene she was in the film the only reason I would say to watch it is because of her performance yet she has so little screen time that I can’t recommend watching this just because of her.

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